Promicon Systems


The VariMotion multi-axis system is a high-performance and highly flexible drive system for applications that place the highest demands on servo technology. VariMotion-Gruppe

vNET drive network with highest performance.

The backbone of VariMotion is the vNET drive network. This network is consistently designed for speed, precision and high availability. The cycle time is 250 µs and the isochronous jitter is virtually negligible with 20 ns. The central motion control in the motion controller ensures high accuracy in the coordinated movement of multiple axes.

Integration in leading control technologies

By connecting to established networks, VariMotion can be easily integrated into these networks. All connections are characterized by a high data throughput combined with short reaction times. This relieves the higher-level control of time-critical and compute-intensive tasks. In addition, time delays are minimized by the network.

Uncompromising for demanding tasks

Servo drives are increasingly being used in modern mechanical engineering. The objective here is to increase flexibility and performance. In demanding tasks in connection with highly dynamic servo drives, it is repeatedly shown that solutions with standard components are very difficult or with compromises or sometimes not feasible at all.

The answer to this challenge is VariMotion from Promicon. This multi‍-‍axis system is specifically designed for tasks in which no compromises can be made.

Fusion of movement, control and communication

At VariMotion, the disciplines of movement, logic and communication are closely interlinked, because only then is it possible to achieve the highest level of responsiveness. Highly efficient cross-communication ensures that data and events are transmitted without delay between the various functional units.