Promicon Systems

Functional safety

All servo controllers of the device families CompactMotion and VariMotion are generally equipped with functions in the sense of functional safety. Funktionale Sicherheit The functional safety architecture has a 2-stage structure to achieve optimum functionality, flexibility and efficiency. The function STO (Safe-Torque-Off) is located in the servo controller and is thus basically available. The advanced functions for motion-based safety can be added as needed.

Safe torque shutdown

Every servo controller is equipped with the function STO (Safe-Torque-Off) as standard. As a result, simple tasks, such as a protective door function, can be mastered.

Motion-based safety

To implement motion-based functions (e.g., SLS "Safely Limited Speed"), each servo controller can be extended by an external module. The required connection is available as standard on the servo controller.

Rapid response times

Since servo drives have a very high acceleration capability, a very short reaction time is of exceptional significance. This criterion was particularly taken into account in the safety modules. The response time to detect inadmissible motion until shutdown is less than 2 milliseconds.

TÜV certified

All components have been tested and certified by TÜV in terms of their safe function in accordance with the relevant standards and can be used for applications up to performance level e (SIL 3).